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Ayurveda and Lifestyle

Adopting modernization, you are giving up some traditional methods. Ayurveda is the oldest traditional method to heal or cure various health problems. Due To modernization, your lifestyle and diet get affected, and you do not have time to do some exercises. 

Due to Western culture’s adoption, you are not conscious that you are harming your body cells by eating unhealthy street food, alcoholism, sugar-containing beverages that lead to toxins produced in the body and affecting your three doshas. An unhealthy diet and poor metabolism result in the production of harmful toxins that affects your body cell and reduce the resistance to fight against various diseases. 

To keep your body toxins and harmful bacteria-free, you can choose the Ayurvedic treatment. To keep your body healthy, mentally, physically, and spiritually Shuddhi Ayurveda has introduced Divya Kit to resolve your health-related issues. To protect your body from various health problems, you can now buy a Divya kit order online and get it at your home address.

Ayurvedic Treatment

This Ayurvedic treatment helps to maintain the balance in three doshas and improves the immune system. Ayurveda is the Oldest healing treatment used more than 5000 years ago in Ancient India. The therapy in the Ayurvedic Health care system is done by using natural herbs, changes in diet, yoga, and meditation, and detoxification, or Panchkarma. To maintain your Panchbhutas’ health and balance your three body doshas, follow Ayurveda’s guidelines.

  1. Add the foods in your diet, which contain antioxidants. That type of food helps kill the harmful bacteria in your body and protects you from various infections.
  2. Always eat a healthy balanced nutritious diet to balance your three doshas, keeping your body diseases free and healthy.
  3. Take an adequate amount of water in a day to keep your boy hydrated. The hydrated body prevents the production and collection of toxins and bacterial growth in the body.
  4. Avoid milk, curd, paneer, cheese, etc. animal products because they took time to digest and enhance the growth of diseases causing bacteria.
  5. Stop eating non-vegetarian food in your daily diet plan.
  6. Stop alcohol intake and cigarette smoking.
  7. Make some changes in your lifestyle like to complete sleeping hours, avoid interrupting sleep patterns, etc.
  8. Manage your stress level to protect your body from neurological dysfunctions.
  9. Practice yoga and meditation to calm your mind and soul.

 Ayurvedic treatment is natural and helps cure the health of its origin and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Benefits Of Ayurveda:

Ayurvedic treatment plays an essential role in keeping your body fit and healthy. To get health benefits to Order the Divya kit online. Everyone knows that unhealthy living culture, low immunity, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise make you sick and vulnerable to infections. But, Ayurveda can work on these factors and protect your body from diseases and infections.


In Ayurveda, detoxification is called Panchkrama means the complete cleaning of the body. It is a vital step to keep your body away from hazardous bacteria and toxins. You can regularly do your body’s detoxification by fasting and using some natural herbs to clean your body.

Boost Metabolism:

Metabolism plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the body. It helps to get rid of toxins from the body and prevents your indigestion problems like constipation, acidity, heartburn, piles, etc. natural herbs help maintain and boost the metabolism rate to keep your body energetic.


Natural herbs help absorb nutrients in the intestine and prevent you from constipation problems.

Nutritional Requirements:

Natural herbs contain minerals, vitamins, poly nutrients, and essential amino acids that reach the demand of body cells for repairing and rejuvenating them.

Skin Glow:

natural herbs have anti-aging properties. It helps remove the blood’s impurities and helps the skin breathe healthily and remove the marks from your body’s surface and make it glowing and marks free.

Blood Glucose Level:

it has the property to balance the blood sugar level by enhancing your body’s insulin production.

Blood Circulation:

It maintains the cholesterol level in the blood and prevents your blood vessels from blockage. Natural herbs help to clear the blockage and help to remove the toxins from the body.

Reduce Stress:

Ayurvedic Herbs help reduce stress levels and prevent you from various anxiety disorders and neurological problems.

Bones And Muscles Health:

Natural Herbs contains minerals to strengthen the bones and muscles. It provides nutrients for their growth and function.

Hormones Balance:

Natural herbs help maintain the body’s balance and protect you from various health problems like Hypothyroidism.

Divya kit contains four types of ayurvedic medicines in it that are made of various kinds of natural herbs. The Ayurvedic treatment includes are:

  •  Shatayu urja Tablet: It promotes the improvement of digestion, metabolism, boost immunity, and provides nutrition to your body.
  • Shatayu Detox Powder: This ayurvedic powder helps to detoxify your body and excrete disease-causing bacteria and toxins from the body. This powder acts as a laxative and prevents you from chronic constipation problems.
  • Shuddhikaran Tablet: These Ayurvedic tablets help clean your intestine and blood and refresh and repair the body’s injured cells.
  • Divya Amrit Ras Or 32 herbs Tea: this is a herbal tea prepared from 32 naturally grown herbs and has various health benefits like it is a complete health supplement to keep your body healthy, it provides nutrition to the body cells, it has anti-aging properties that help in glowing skin, etc.

Ayurvedic Divya kit Products

To prepare the Divya kit or above mentioned Ayurvedic products, various herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, shankhpushpi, Cinnamon, Long Pepper, Haldi, Tulsi, Brahmi, Saunf, Saunth, Neem Tej Pata, Bael Pat, Sarfoka, Sphatika Bhasma, Sanai, Guduchi, Kutuja, trikatu, Kutki, Shilajit, Triphala, Tinnevelly Seena, Carom seeds, Fenugreek, Kali Mirch, Red Chandan, White Chandan, Naag Kesar, Naag Bhasma, Muesli, Majeeth, Mulethi, Green Tea, Honey, Giloy, Binaksha, Amla, Behda, Harad, Gokhshuru, Gau Jaban, Pan Ki Jad, Choti Elaichi, Badi Elaichi, Arjuna, and Pudina, etc.

 Moreover, if you are suffering from severe health issues, you can buy Divya kit orders online. And if you are not interested in purchasing the product online without consulting an expert ayurvedic Doctor.

You can visit the Shuddhi Clinic Near You and get health counseling regarding your health problems. Divya kit price in India is 4200 rupees only. You can get this treatment from a clinic, too, where an ayurvedic Expert doctor will check your health problem by examining your jeebh and Nadi Parikshan.

We have 150 Clinics or more than that in PAN India. If you fail to find the clinic, you can directly call our health consultant to get free best advice to treat your health problems. You can visit shuddhi to buy a Divya kit order online.

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Stay Healthy and Disease-free with Divya Kit

Ayurvedic remedies that have been mention in our Vedic scriptures have fantastic healing properties. In olden times people had amazingly strong immune systems and were able to perform impossible feats because of their sturdy and robust disposition. But today we have to combat the toxicity menace that is taking over the functioning of our whole body. Modern medicines help deal with the symptoms of the diseases but cannot do much to boost immunity and treat the ailments from roots. For this, Ayurveda is the best option.

You can boost immunity, improve digestion, balance hormonal secretion, detoxify your body, and enhance liver function with a nutritious organic diet and Ayurvedic herbs.

Our digestive system helps to eliminate all the toxins from the body and keep kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs protected. Toxin elimination is an essential healthy body because pollutants such as mold, dust, vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke, pesticides can even cause developmental deformities. To remove the toxins that directly affect the growth, digestion, and the metabolic functioning of the body, there is an ayurvedic product Divya Kit easily available online.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines contained in this kit like Shatayu Urja Tablet, Shatayu Detox powder, and Divya Amrit Ras and details of this ayurvedic kit explained as below:

These medicines collectively positively affect the body and keep the immune system boosted. We need to protect our bodies from the fit of infections and harmful microbes. Living in an atmosphere that is full of toxins and having a compromised immune system due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda plays a significant role in keeping the body fit and disease-free with no side effects on the body.

This herbal Divya Kit ayurvedic package offers you a healthy and disease-free life with no side effects on the body. Divya kit package formulated with very high potency herbs that are beneficial in various health issues like diabetes, Liver problems, High blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol.

Divya Kit plays a significant role in the treatment of allergy that caused when the immune system reacts to a foreign substance. This herbal Ayurvedic Divya Kit helps to prevent various ailments like Liver problems, Infertility, lungs problem, cyst, fibroid, gastric problems, Thyroid, Psoriasis, and Gall Bladder stone.

Find out more details of the Divya kit in India here at Dr shuddhi and take your natural goodness package home. Life can be much better, enhance its beauty and enjoyment, and live each joyful moment healthily and stress-free.

Divya Kit Effects

Divya Kit Effects Body Toxin Removal And Improves Digestion

The Human Body without Being aware of it keeps collecting toxins from the environment. The body is used to a certain level of toxicity but the level keeps increasing these toxins need to be expelled regularly or else it can be extremely life threatening and hazardous for health. The aura and the chakras of the body need balancing!

You may not Realise the harm caused by environmental factors on the body but slowly-slowly these harmful pollutants seep into the system and disrupt its normal functioning. This shows up in the form of acute digestive disorders or other diseases. Whether it is the food we consume or the soap we use to have a bath, all these keep contributing to the toxin build up in the body. Something needs to be done about this and some preventive measures are imperative!

Divya Kit Effects

The Environmental factors that surround us have a strong impact on our body and we need to take corrective measures, we can make use of Ayurveda- we can use the Divya Kit from Divyaupchar and see how the Divya kit effects our body positively within a period of time.

We are all faced with the dilemma of eating nutritious foods. But the problem arises when we have to resist the desires of the palate and the tongue. There are a variety of yummilicious fast foods available in the markets which are almost impossible to resist. These foods are the first meal choice a person makes when he or she is excessively stressed or engrossed in the job for hours and hours.

The fast food that we choose as a “home diet” supplement is chemical laden and full of toxins, but we eat it because it is extremely palatable and easily available. You may notice that after a few days your stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. Prolonged “fast food meals” help in increasing the toxicity levels in the body and soon the body feels lethargic and joints and muscles become stiff and painful. Detoxifying the body becomes imperative.

You may not realise but simple tasks like having a bath may also contribute to the increase of toxins in the body. The lotions we use, the shampoos, soaps, conditioners are laden with harmful chemicals . The toxins seep into the body through the skin because it is the largest organ we have. This shows up as puffy eyes, rashes, skin irritation, acne, and eczema.

Divya kit Side Effects

It’s not the products that are acting on the skin but it is the reaction of the body because it is unable to bear the high toxin levels. take a few consultancy sessions with the Ayurvedic practitioner at Divyaupchar  and understand the Divya kit side effects before you pick the Dr shuddhi package for yourself, you will not regret it, we are sure of this. Ayurveda has always been extremely beneficial in taking care of the human body and encourages it to nurture and repair from within, so go for it!

Toxins are extremely harmful and can ultimately cause adverse health effects such as mess up the cellular level and the DNA make up. High toxicity levels have also shown birth defects in babies. The cell phone radiation, chemicals in food and air surrounding us, processed food, beauty products we use; all contain chemicals that may not be very good for the human body.

Unknown to us we face a lot of stress and tension in our daily life and this compromises the immunity of our body. Feeling discomfort or experiencing a low feeling is also a result of excessive toxin overloading in the body. We also experience an ability to focus on important aspects of life, may feel unduly distracted, and face memory loss and confusion because of over exposure to chemicals and toxins. The essential minerals, vitamins, and hormones can be removed from the body and replaced by inflammation caused by toxin overdose. Protect the natural body function, study the Divya Kit side effects and then buy one for yourself.

People often suffer from auto immune disorders because of the high stress levels in their lives. Their bodily functions become erratic. You can slow down pamper yourself by eating right and reducing substance abuse. Cut down on preserved foods, artificial flavourings, colorants and improve the condition of your stomach. Take a look at the Divya Kit effects and then try it out. Soon you will notice that the constantly upset stomach and bowel movements get regulated. Constipation and bloating feels better and toxins can be eliminated and chronic fatigue reduces.

Have you ever stood next to a person who stinks of body odour? Whatever we ingest or consume food it breaks down and is excreted from the body in the form of urine, sweat, bad breath, or strong odours from the body. Whatever we inhale or consume is removed from the body in this form and this indicates that the toxins are being thrown out.

Chronic fatigue is definitely influenced by toxins that are present openly in the environment in the form of solvents, pesticides and metals. The kidneys have to slog to throw out the waste matter it is collecting rapidly. This again leads to fatigue and low energy levels, so try to take preventive measures before you are faced with such a situation. Chronic toxin exposure can cause tiredness, lethargy, itching, cognitive issues, and inflammation in organic systems. The Divya kit can help out people with its ability to:

Ayurvedic Divya Kit

1) Control hormonal imbalance

2) Aura and chakra is enhanced

3) Detoxify the body regularly

4) Improve the digestion in the body

5) Helps remove wastes from body

6) Cleanses glands, organs and cells in the body

7) Increases immunity

8) Improves nutrition

9) Cleanses body from deep within

10) Cells are rejuvenated and body is kept nourished and healthy

11) Blood circulation is improved

12) Blood is purified
The Divya Kit or Dr shuddhi package consists of the Shatayu Urja Tablet, Shatayu Detox and Divya Amrit Ras. While taking care of the body the Divya Kit also contributes in helping the body stay slim and in shape. This is the best way to improve metabolism and look young. Ayurveda takes care of the whole body and contributes in keeping it fit and healthy.

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