What is Divya Kit

Boost Your Immunity And Remove Free Radicals From Body With Divya Kit

The immune system of our body is a network that guards us from the attack of harmful parasites, pathogens, microbes, bacteria, viruses, and toxins. We often ignore the working of this intricate system till the time we don’t catch allergies or start to fall sick and ill more frequently. This is when we realize that our immunity is failing and we need to do something about it.

Divya kit “tested and tried” is a natural product that is prepared out of herbal extracts to boost the liver functioning, sagging immunity, control the hormonal secretions, detoxification the body and helps in proper break down of undigested food matter. It’s time to bid a good bye to bloating, flatulence, hyper acidity and other stomach troubles. You can feel better all you have to do is believe in the foodness of ayurveda!

Boost Your Immunity And Remove Free Radicals From Body With Divya Kit

If the immune system plays up and shows up as digestive disorder, inflammation of organs, delay in the growth and development pattern of kids, autoimmune conditions, and blood disorders. Once the immune system of the body is compromised, the person starts to catch infections easily. The person with poor immunity, falls a prey to colds, coughs, viral infestation, bronchitis attacks, pneumonia, ear infections, skin issues, sinus infections, anaemia, low platelet count and flu within no time.

The recovery is very slow and in general a feeling of malaise, exhaustion, weakness, discomfort and sickness takes over. Besides weak immunity, the human body is struggling each day with attacks of high toxicity and stress levels. When the body is unable to fight these invasions and falls a prey to these harmful substances it shows up as digestive complications, hormone imbalance and collection of wastes in the body.

To enjoy a fruitful life, a person has to stay healthy and disease-free. This is possible only if the immune system is working well. The infectious matter is all around us and the high toxic levels in the environment we are exposed to also are of no help. You need to improve your immunity so that you can ward off the attack of different infectious microbes that are flitting around in the atmosphere around us. Undigested food matter can be a cause of many diseases. The body gets deprived of the nutrition that is imperative to keep it healthy and in a state of well-being.

The Doctors review about Divya Kit  says that it is beneficial for the whole body because it provides nutrition to the body, helps in metabolic activities and boosts the general body functioning. Imbalanced hormone secretion and exposure to toxins can create havoc inside the human body and make the individual susceptible to pain and suffering. The Divya Kit or the Shuddhi package contains:

Doctors review about Divya Kit
  • Alokik Shakti Tablet
  • Divya Shakti powder
  • Param Shuddhi tablet
  • Amrit ras

The Divya Kit works greatly for people who have gained excessive weight because of a slow basal metabolic rate and it also helps improve the appetite greatly. Many people feel terrible because they are not able to digest food that they consume; the abdomen feels heavy and they belch uncomfortably. There are no side effects from the Divya Kit and it can be consumed even if you are taking some allopathic drugs along with it. You just have to make sure you adhere to the time gap between the two lines of treatment. For this you can take a free consultation at the Divya Upchar kits. It’s time to feel better- it’s time to heal!

Divya Alokik Shakti:  This Ayurvedic medication is a part of the Divya Kit and works superbly on the digestive, endocrine and immune system. The digestion improves with regular usage of this alternative line of treatment. The secretion of hormones is controlled and the immunity becomes better. This contains herbal extracts such as:

Ashwagandha:  Let us bring to you one of the main ingredients of the Divya Kit – the Indian Ginseng or power booster. This natural herb has the capability of treating several diseases and is an important ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Shatavari:  The root of this herb is extremely beneficial in boosting the sluggish immunity of a person. It is also used to treat cough and cold conditions.

Shankhpushpi:  The extracts from this herb are used commonly to treat medical conditions like, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, infections and even epilepsy.

Ginger Powder or Sonth: This amazingly tasty and flavored herb is full of health benefits. Not only does it help in treat a sore throat and conditions of flu and common cold but it also tends to the soreness and tenderness that is a result of agitated muscles.

Param Shuddhi Tablet:

This tablet is amazingly helpful in the cleansing and detoxification of the intestines.

Divya Shakti Powder:

We are surrounded by toxins from all sides. Whether it’s the food we eat or the products we use on our body, all contain toxins in some form or the other. If the levels of toxins increase beyond permissible limits then we need to do something about it.

Shuddhi Package Contains

The Divya Kit contains the Divya Shakti powder that detoxifies the body when taken regularly. The body organs are rejuvenated and the intestine becomes healthy because it gets the essential nutrition that it needs. Many times we are not able to digest food properly because the peristaltic movement in the intestine fails; this powder pampers the intestines to work efficiently. The Divya Shakti powder contains:

Triphala that helps in weight loss, improves immunity, and clears the intestines. Other herbs used in this are Trikuta, Tej Patta, Dal chini, Mishri etc.

Anardana: This is very rich in Vitamin C and thus boosts the immunity of the body. It is an active participant in the process of detoxification. You may be astonished but it also keeps the teeth clean and healthy.

Divya Amrit Ras:

The Divya Amrit Ras is mostly advised before a meal in the morning and it also has to be taken at night. It is an amazing amalgamation of 32 herbal extracts and is extremely helpful in improving metabolic activity in the body.

We try various creams and lotions to stay beautiful and young looking. You can reduce the aging process with the Divya Amrit ras. This herbal tea is a rich source of vitamins, folic acid, zinc, chlorophyll, calcium and iron. The mind, bones, teeth, body, muscles, skin etc are all maintained and the immune system boosted. The overall “feel-good” feeling develops and the person feels nurtured and healthy from deep inside.

The different herbs used in the development of this kit are extremely beneficial for the overall good of the human body.

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